Thank you for supporting us!

With your support, we raised $2616.30! 

On behalf of the Unboxing team, THANK YOU for your generous donations, efforts to spread the word, and help us keep doing this work to make space for BIPOC young people with disabilities.

Our fundraising campaign has now ended but donations are still welcome.
If you have the means to do so, check-out our ko-fi page to donate.



What is Unboxing?

Unboxing Accessibility is a 4-month peer-to-peer mentorship program for youth and young adults who are black, indigenous, people of colour (BIPOC) with disabilities. This hybrid program is offered both in-person and virtually, inviting BIPOC young people to find a sense of belonging, social connection, and why their voice matters. 

Mentors and mentees connect once a week to start a dialogue with each other through storytelling, creative-writing, visual arts, and interactive digital media. At the beginning of the program, participants receive a program kit that contains access to high-quality art materials and equipment, sharing opportunities to network with leaders in the arts and accessibility fields, and a platform to share their stories with the world. 


Our Fundraiser Why

The purpose of the fundraiser is to raise money to improve the quality of program sessions and support the wellbeing of participants during programming with food, space, and art-making activities. 

What happened in 2023...

Last year we ran on volunteer-basis because we were unable to secure funding. And although we knew this would pose challenges, we knew we had to keep our momentum going after a successful first year. So this year, we are trying something new - our first 30 day fundraiser. And we need your support.

So this year, 2024...

We are hoping to start the year off strong by reaching our ultimate fundraising goal of $5000 (check out our other goals below!) Your financial support will play a vital role in acquiring necessary program materials and ensuring the well-being of program participants, leads, and volunteers. 

How will your support make an impact?

Your support can help improve the quality and sustainability of our program this year. With your donations, we can make space to improve our virtual sessions and also rent fully accessible spaces for in-person sessions throughout the GTA.

In addition, 

your support will help us create high-quality program kits for participants to receive at the beginning of the program. Check out our fundraising goals below to learn more about how we plan to use the money raised and why we are aiming for $5000.

*    *    *

A message from the founder of Unboxing Accessibility, Victoria Bacnis, posted on the first day of the 30-day fundraiser on January 31st, 2024. 


Here's what people are saying about Unboxing. Your support really makes a difference. These are the people that you are helping us make space with.

"I liked connecting with a BIPOC community curious about disability + accessibility"

— 2022 Participant

"I am interested in connecting with more community and arts-based work, expanding what I know to be out there"

— 2023 Participant

"I was pleasantly surprised to not just be a community connector but actually be a mentor and maintain a relationship with other mentees outside of the program."

— 2023 Participant

"The things I have learned in this program I have taken to other organizations. There is a new type of passion and I have a new perspective on how accessibility is integrated into different programs."

— 2024 Participant

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